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  • How Do I Pay For My Order?
    We have 3 payment options which are all super simple to use and absolutely secure. 1. PayPal, this can be done whether you have a PayPal account or not – no account required. 2. Affirm (monthly payment option) 3. Acima Financing (90 Day payoff options & No Credit Needed 4. Synchrony Car Care (credit Card) By using a third-party service like PayPal, Affirm, Acima & Synchrony your credit card information will be 100% safe. Likewise, PayPal, Affirm come with built-in buyer protection. (You won’t need it, it’s just nice to know that it’s there.) NOTE: You are not required to sign up for a PayPal account to checkout. PayPal allows non-members the ability to check out with a credit card just like you would at any other e-commerce store Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:
  • Fitment is the responsibility of the Customer, don’t know? PLEASE ask.
    With so many fitment options on vehicles, we ask that our customers take the time to make the proper fitment decisions. You will see many of our customers go beyond the “conservative” fitment offered by manufacturers and “guaranteed” by our competitors. They are doing this by making modifications and trimming plastic and sometimes metal to make the wheel/tire combo fit. For this reason, we fill the order as you have placed it with the assumption you will make the appropriate modifications to fit the wheel/tire combo. When you provide the correct make, model (and version if applicable), and year information about the vehicle we do verify bolt pattern, TPMS sensors, and lug nuts (these items we guarantee fitment). If you have questions or do not know the proper fitment on lifted, leveled or even stock applications please contact us so that we may make our best recommendation for what should work. In some cases, minor trimming will be needed to accommodate oversized tires or wide / high negative offset wheels. Additionally, we cannot guarantee fitment on custom drilled wheels, but should the manufacturer make a mistake – we’ll help broker a solution. Some vehicles or applications may not apply. In those cases we’ll tell you before you purchase
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